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In this video I talk about the settings I use to film my Let’s Fails (basically a Let’s Play for YouTube). I’m a PC gamer, so this obviously isn’t intended for something who uses a console… but hopefully you’ll be able to find some use out of it!

I record my audio separately in Audacity, and then use OBS Studio to record the gameplay footage. I currently use a Logitech Webcam to record myself, but if you don’t want to be in your video, you would just skip this step. I record and render everything in 30 FPS, 60 FPS is great for high quality content, but for what I do, 30 FPS is fine.

After my game and game audio is captured via Audacity and OBS Studio, I load up Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and edit everything together!

P.S. I used this site as a guide for my settings:

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Welcome to my new series called Let’s Fail! A show where I attempt to play video games.

Feel free to suggest other video games I should play for future Let’s Fails! Scary or difficult games are certainly welcomed.

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  1. Thank you for the video upload; I took the time to watch your videos and subscribe. I just started using Premiere with audacity. Watch your videos gave me a bit of a refresher on finding confidence in trying again. ^_^ much thanks for your little set up and love the channel.

  2. Do you ever find that your audacity audio recording does not sync up properly with your video? I tried recording some commentary for same game video a while ago and despite syncing it up at the beginning of the video, the audio became more and more offset over time, almost as if the two recordings were playing at a slightly different speed.

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