BTS – Butterfly (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

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• Artist: BTS (방탄소년단)
• Song: Butterfly (버터플라이)
• Album: ‘화양연화 Pt.2’ The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 2

• Members: Jin (Seokjin), SUGA (Yoongi), j-hope (Hoseok, RM (Namjoon), Jimin, V (Taehyung), Jungkook
• My bias: SUGA

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48 thoughts on “BTS – Butterfly (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

  1. I just lost a friend yesterday. I still can't believe she's not with us anymore. It's extra painful because I wouldn't be able to see her for the last time due to quarantine. She'll live in my memory forever. It'll stay by my side forever, I promise. I want to hug you again, my friend. Butterflies will remind me of you. I miss you and I love you so so much.

  2. how do people not listen to this. this hits so hard bcz u know this is about loving someone who is suicidal.

  3. Me scrolling through the comments while crying: ok I’m not gonna look at these anymore before I cry even more

  4. I hope all ARMY and everyone are safe in this hard time.🥺💜
    This is a hard time we are going through each of us have our difficulties and are struggling but I hope we won't give up cause, for sure there might be something lovely near future, we can't miss out any possibility. Yeah its frustratingly hard to hope anything, but since we don't know what happens in future all I can say is being optimistic.
    If you think that you want to give up I would say give up, but not your life. Just give up on everything like expectations and insecurities and whatever but life
    Take whatever comes on you keep your mind fresh and don't go too deep into anything.
    Listen to lots of music and if you want to cry out your heart then do it but please stay. 💜

    Any one who came this long
    Thank you*PleaseSTAY*
    No matter who you are, what you are, anything about you doesn't matter only your heart, soul and what you want matter💜💜💜

    If you want someone to speak, our army fam welcomes you💜

  5. These kind of songs from.bts makes you too much closer to yur dream boy from bts but if uh suddenly catch a news that ur favourite dream boy from.bts is dating someone n yur plan of impressing him at a fansign ruins , but his voice hits uh more deeper (along wd other members as well)…what will be the feeling that time?😰😵😵😟😟😟😟

  6. I can relate to this song so much I’m so scared losing this one Person in my life I’m afraid if I let go he’ll fly away like a butterfly

  7. i remember listening to this song a lot when i used to be suicidal and when i was feeling especially low. i never knew it was a song about suicide. something about it was so calming and something about the lyrics helped me so much. it hits different now that i know

  8. This song hit me real hard somewhere in my heart that i cant control my feeling and i start crying when i hear this song…
    This song also makes me wish that BTS will never leave.. But jin is going to millitary really very soon this totally breaks my heart

  9. When i felt like giving up,especially when my Dad was diagnosed w/ brain tumor, lost his job and we had to move, I always remember that my family still loves me and because of my faith in God, I will still continue.

  10. i can stop crying when i hear this song it's juat make me remember my grandma , she was just like a butterfly

  11. this was the first song of bts i ever heard and also first kpop song i remember i heard a clip of it somewhere so i searched it up i didnt know bts or kpop even though it was 2019 but when i heard the song i didnt even understand and i never really liked music but when i heard it i was brought to tears their voices contained so much emotion then i slowly discovered bts i didnt know they became so successful
    at that time i was going thru a hard time i have strict parents and i dont get along with my siblings i fought alot with my frnds i couldnt do well i exams no matter how hard i tried and my family is religious and i was slowly drifting away from my religion it was scary and i was confused and lost i felt like life didnt have meaning and i very young i thought i ws seeking attention by appearing weak that led me to hate myself and do things i shouldnt have
    i tried ways to reduce the pain even if a little and n the internet it said to find someone to talk to so i told one of my friends i couldnt tell my parents or family becuz they would be ashamed of me cuz i heard them talking about how they felt pity for some parents whose child was in the same situation as me they said must be tough for the parents to have such a disgrace for a child but telling myself became a burden for me i was young and had no way to tell if i was really in depression i always thought i must be seeking for attention which led to more fights with my frnds
    i had decided to take my life that day i was unsure if that was the ans but there was no other way i was just lost suicide is unforgivable in my religion so i had a lot of guilt building up inside of me but i thought once i no more itll be fine i cant express how thakful i am to have found this song to have found bts they literally saved me i wouldnt be here if not for them i cant say my life is any better actually it gotten more tough cuz of certain reasons and i havent completely stopped hurting myself but its definitely better becuz now i have a reason to live whenever i want to give up i think that i shouldnt becuz ill miss my chance to spend more time as an army

    after i entered this family iv met good and bad people but the world isnt as scary anymore and my life isnt as depressing anymore im still very young so i should live a long time before i die i always try to have such a mindset its not easy to move on the scars on my skin disappear after a while but the scars on my heart are still as fresh but time heals everything im sure if i dont give up these scars will also heal one day right?

    sorry for saying so much but i hope whoever reads this wont give up you never know hats gonna happen tomorrow it might be bad but it can also be good so dont give up also i read this song is about loving someone who’s suicidal thats why i stan bts cuz they are unique and tru i hope u all stay safe and happy and dont give up even if its hard becuz someday even u can be happy hwaiting borahe

  12. I know this might sound dumb but. Whenever I feel suicidal (cause I still struggle with that because of my depression) I just come by here to listen to this song and read the lyrics. To make myself feel like someone really wants me to stay…

  13. amor os meus neném de coração lindooos😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Army will always be at your side 방탄 소년 단.Hope you guys will also be at our side when we need you.
    Saranghae Sonyeondan.
    Thankyou for everything.

  15. I listen this song with my great grand mother when we're was at the hospital and this song brings back memories with my great grand mother :(((

  16. it's not that nobody loves me. i have people that stand by me every day. but i can't control this feeling, it controls me

  17. this shatters me. butterfly was my first fav bts song. my friend is suicidal. i have her saved in my contacts as "🦋". i never realized this.

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