Game Rewind: Watch Villanova advance to the National Championship Game in 11 minutes

Villanova’s hot shooting from deep leads them past Kansas in the Final Four. Watch how Villanova reached the National Championship game in 11 minutes.

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45 thoughts on “Game Rewind: Watch Villanova advance to the National Championship Game in 11 minutes

  1. Looking back at it now, the Nova Squad had promising NBA players on their roster and them playing in Nova's fast pace and space system really helped their development when they transitioned to the league.

    Brunson, Paschall, Bridges, DiVincenzo, and Spellman.

  2. Definition of having confidence in your teammates. 1:42 Paschall (starter) to Gillespie (freshmen off the bench), "Gimme 3 youngin… BOOM"

  3. This game was over at the tip as a duke fan I believe my blue devils would have done better than Kansas I don’t think we would have beat nova because they were just that good but I know we wouldn’t have gotten our butts kicked like Kansas but realistically speaking nobody was beating it was just their year they we’re not going to be denied and Kansas shouldn’t have even been there in the first place and please somebody agree with me that jay wright is a better coach than Calipari please he’s got more titles now than calipari does at Kentucky that’s crazy to 🤔 about

  4. no an Eagles fan or Nova fan… but i am a fan of awesome sports stories and i am happy for Eagles fans and Nova fans …. yall are living on sunshine

  5. WHY does this pocaster always give away the game in the headline?????????????We don't get the game live in Europe, so I watch online.

  6. Philly,Philly is where I'm from, We on Fiyah Baby Hilltop, I'm lying my cousin is from there, Lol 😂💯💨⛽

  7. S/O to Villanova for looking like the Jr. Warrior's, lol they were on Fiyah, Got Dayuum 🕵️ 💯 they made Kansas look like they shouldn't be here! SMH Kansas

  8. Michigan will beat Villanova. Texas Tech had more field goals than Villanova and 3 point plays. Villanova had twice the number of made free throws. Michigan has a better defense!

  9. Everybody Should Of
    Knew Kansas Was Gone Lose Villanova Is Too Dangerous Specially When You Got Shooters Like Nova Has💪

  10. I'm watching college basketball for the first time.
    Is Villanova the NCAA GSW? I heard "Villanova now owns the record for most threes in a year"

    GSW With Kawhi Leonard?

  11. What happen to the hard foul in basketball? Kansas played the nice game. Villanova shoots baskets when they sleep.

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