UNDEFEATED Jeskai Superfriends feat. Ashiok, Dream Render | MTG Arena

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49 thoughts on “UNDEFEATED Jeskai Superfriends feat. Ashiok, Dream Render | MTG Arena

  1. I really enjoy your insight. Vocalizing your thoughts and lines of play is teaching me as I watch. I dont always understand why streamers do certain things, but not here. Good stuff man.

  2. hey, i had watched this and liked it very much. But thinks is now it's Post-Ban, could you share us, what would you, if you can't play such thing as Fires of Invention?

  3. update; Went through platinum with this deck to diamond, lost 3 times in the entire run. Smashed cycling with ashiok and narset, mono red with sweepers, and Lurrus with exiles.

  4. Holy fuck, I just got my first 7 wins EVER in an event, coupled with 0 losses with this deck. Even my best decks have gone 4 wins at most including that God damn red deck everyone plays. The closest I came to loosing was against another fires deck who had everything out, 2nfires, T3FERI, Narset Kick and ECD but I Ashiok milled them down to 13 cards and they quit

  5. Very satisfying to watch you win so many in a row. – especially Lurrus!! I’m 35 minutes in, no losses yet!

  6. don´t know whats wors the patreo thing or the singign? 😀
    Kidding, love your stuff! keep going

  7. wauw. watched the whole vid for a change XD Awesome deck!

    I gave up on magic arena as of today. I don't play much and i can only make mediocre decks at best. I either fight vs lifelink pridemate / blood aerilist or vs some stupid blue/x flyer decks. And that is only in silver >.>

  8. Huge fan of your videos. Been working on my first one for mtg. You and quarenteen got me thinking it's time to get back. Starting with my favorite version of jeskai control. No fires. No agent. Tons of hate. With a sideboard that will sting

  9. This editing should be on your main channel.

    And this deck was worthy of being on your main channel as well. It looks competitively viable.

  10. You mentioned that people weren’t sharknado-ing on multiple turns while you had t3feri in play… doesn’t his static make ALL your opponent’s cards into sorcery speed?

  11. So, DON'T ECD the stone coil after it will get no protection? How does that make sense? Someone please explain, I am confused.

  12. CGB, I can't believe you are such a shill. Showing me how I can support a content creator that I really enjoy. For shame.

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