Villanova vs. North Carolina: Final minutes of national title game

Villanova defeats North Carolina 77-74 in the 2016 National Championship on the back of a buzzer-beating 3-pointer from Kris Jenkins.

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23 thoughts on “Villanova vs. North Carolina: Final minutes of national title game

  1. What little kid dosent Dream if this tied game national championship ball passed to you you put it up and win the game

  2. I remember i had a get-together for this game at my house just because it was a reason to have friends over and drink alil bit lol , I didn’t care much for basketball. Little did i know it’d be considered one of the best moments in sports history. Even heard my mom yelling from upstairs 😂

  3. Great shot but who was Brice guarding? Nobody was within 20 feet of him. Better to have him above the 3 point line to switch off screens and better defend last second shots.

  4. Wow, this still gives me chills. This was a great Championship Game! I remember running around the house like a little kid. How about Josh Hart with the clutch free throws towards the end. Huge! Go Nova! ✌🏼

  5. Easily and I mean easily the greatest championship game ever in the history of the NCAA.

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