Villanova vs. Saint Mary’s: First Round NCAA Tournament Extended Highlights

Watch all the highlights from Villanova’s first round win over Saint Mary’s.

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13 thoughts on “Villanova vs. Saint Mary’s: First Round NCAA Tournament Extended Highlights

  1. I felt like the defending champs wasn’t losing in round 64 to Saint Mary’s. Maybe they won’t go far but they ain’t losing the first game vs not good team

  2. Also terrific win for Nova. Not a fan, but you have to respect the season they have head. Jay Wright does a phenomenal job with his guys

  3. This commentators were honestly annoying and hard to listen to. Kind of an embarrassment to March Madness. I remember the days of Gus Johnson where the commentators were fun, enthusiastic, and had tolerable voices

  4. My Lord, does st. Mary’s make games tough to watch…can’t be missing free throws at the end of games like that Paschal!

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