We Updated the Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft 1.14 (Crafting Recipes Comments #8)

We updated the Minecraft Ender Dragon using YOUR comment recipe suggestions!

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Minecraft 1.14 has a secret that only people on the Logdotzip channel really know about! That is secret custom crafting recipes! Anything is possible in the minecraft 1.14 update so we have been collecting YOUR youtube comments and turning them into ACTUAL in game crafting recipes!

Today we are going to show you 8 amazing new minecraft ender dragon crafting recipes! From the dragon stone, to dragon claws we have got these brilliant crafting recipes that give you more options on how you use your dragon egg!

1. Dragon Block
2. Dragon Stone
3. Dragon Pearl
4. Ender Crown
5. Dragon Claw
6. Dragon Helm
7. Dragon Eye
8. Dragon Spawner

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✅ Ender Dragon Crafting Recipes
✅ By Velvoxel Raptor

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

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33 thoughts on “We Updated the Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft 1.14 (Crafting Recipes Comments #8)

  1. We had to reupload to fix an edit! Sorry about that everyone! Enjoy today's video, and don't forget that if you're a member you'll be able to submit a recipe for a special members-only crafting recipe video!

  2. Crafting suggestion:Dragon egg cloner,Dragon egg in the middle dispenser and mob spawner beside it(you still have ur egg in the middle)
    Fuel:eye of ender. 1 eye for one egg,and theres a rare chance it spawn in a baby dragon(rarity: 0.25%)also the baby dragon is now tamed

  3. Make a zombie and skeleton dragon the zombie dragon will drop a wither egg both will and you 1 end crystal and it will turn into a pet wither also if you feed it a blaze rod it will turn into a fire wither

  4. Mario maker inventory
    A red leather cap in the middle with random coloured concrete blocks
    The use is you can create some cool stuff from Mario maker like thwomps, bosses, enemies and more!

  5. Add a ender dragon skull wear it and gives you the power of endend which is a powerful also gives you a ender gun they shoots infinite ammo of fire breathe how to craft is -1 ender pearl -1 end crystal and redstone in the front add iron in the bottom okay form as a gun so okay

  6. NO…..

    The ender dragon egg is here cause you killed a pregnant space dragon this the only of its kind named Gene that's why there's millions of dragon heads so this egg is a grueling reminder that YOU COMMITTED GENOCIDE ON AN ENTIRE SPECIES… it might never get an update… it's just the truth….. a simply gruel game that I adore cause of its tragic backstory fare well Gene

  7. Make a mob crown that when you right click any mob they won’t fight you but fight against mobs that attack you

  8. Logtopzip make a nether wizard king boss!!

    1. Throwing explosive magma blocks
    2. Getting clowse to boss will make a shoce wave
    Nether wizard king sword
    Holding the sword will be invinsable
    Click to sumon explosive magma blocks
    How to sumon boss!!!
    By finding the nether castle!!!😳

  9. Gravity gun recipe:diamond block middle right 2 iron middle and middle left and redstone block bottom left corner

  10. If I gonna add some recipe in minecraft I think i will add:
    1.dynamite:you can craft 9 with tnt.you can throw this when it land it will give an explosion 9x weaker than a tnt.

    2.poison dagger:need a iron sword,slime ball,potion of poison.it a dagger that give poison effect.

    3.flashlight:need a torch,glass pane,block of iron,2 redstone to craft.a portable light source can be turn on and off.

  11. Make a freaking dragon pet

    Hp half of dragon

    Attacks: shoots fireball and dragons breath

    What you need to make put 1 becon under and put 7 end crystals

    When killed will leave a broken egg and it needs to be repaired by eyes of ender

  12. Make a couras pearl crafted with courses fruit and ender pearl. throw it at a entity to teleport it somewhere random.Good when in PVP ; )

  13. I wish you could came the Ender Dragon and I wish you couldn't have a baby version of it and it would be so cute

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